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Partners Drift AS

Are you planning to move and need professional relocation assistance? Does it apply to unpacking and carrying assistance or only the transport of a moving load? Then we at Partners Drift AS are ready to assist you with experienced moving crews. We carry out moving services for individuals and companies, in the Oslo and Viken area. Our staff have several years of experience in transport and moving and are efficient, careful and pleasant. Moving is an exciting time, let us make your moving process a pleasant experience. Contact us for relocation.

We at Partners Drift AS focus on good communication, customer service, and competitive prices. Good work and a professional moving process have resulted with our satisfied customers. As a total supplier of moving services, we assist with the full process; dismantling of furniture, carrying assistance, transport, removal of waste,  storage, and cleaning. Contact us !

Who are we

Our team consists of experienced employees who ensure that the moving process is both safe and smooth! We are not afraid to do heavy lifting and can move everything from the chests of drawers and sofas to refrigerators. If you order moving services from us, you can be sure that you will come into contact with reliable, pleasant, and skilled employees.
We have a high level of expertise when it comes to securing and transporting furniture, and always keep safety as a priority during the moving process. As an experienced and competitive moving agency, we are concerned that you as a customer are satisfied.

Moving in/to Oslo

Our moving agency is located in Oslo and serves Oslo and Viken. We can also carry out relocation assistance to other places in Norway or put you in touch with trusted partners.
We help you with moving, storing, and cleaning so that your move takes place safely, quickly, and efficiently. For example, if you need to store furniture and belongings when you move, we can help you with that. Partners Drift is a moving company that is well-equipped to handle most tasks in connection with your move.

How much does it cost

Prices at moving agencies depend on several things. How big the moving load is, the amount, and the distance from which you are moving will affect how much moving help costs. Other things that can also affect the price of moving services are whether you want other services such as help with unpacking, moving materials, or having extra heavy possessions (piano, gun cabinet, marble table, etc.) to be moved.

How much does the moving agency cost, depends on:

•    How big is the moving load

•    Addresses you move from and to (floors, if there is a lift, etc.)
•    Parking possibilities for the moving vehicle
•    If there is a need for special transport of heavy assets

We are efficient and competitive on price, so feel free to contact us for a nice price offer on Partners Drift AS.

Safe Moving

The moving process being experienced as safe and professional is important and our prior responsibility. That is why we provide our customers with well-qualified and expert team. We are thoughtful when it comes to your belongings and carry furniture out and into the moving truck.

Moving material

If you need moving material for packing, we can provide it too. (paid upon delivery)

  •  Packing Boxes

  •  Bokesker

  •  Wardrobe boxes for clothes

  •  Packaging paper

  •  Stretch film

  •  Bubbleplast

  •  Packaging

  •  Package tape


If you want us to pack down, we can also offer packing down of moving goods.

The right removal truck and removal workers are important!

Suitable vehicles for local removals and long-distance removals vary based on the size of your moving load, access to both addresses, distance, height, weight, and date! Partners Drift gives you insight and manages to understand your vision when you are moving. So what kind of vehicles and how many employees are best for you?

Different types of moving vehicles for local removals and long-distance removals

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