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About Partners Drift AS

Every month, people move to and from new cities all over the country. The dream job, dream house or dream woman are often factors that make one find their way to a new place. Our customer's needs are the main focus. We believe it is necessary to add to our customers plans into our digital ecosystem in order to give our customers the best experience. That is why we have an extra focus on technology and data.

What services do we offer?

We deliver all the services you can expect from a moving agency in Oslo - and even more. This of course includes moving assistance, where we collect, secure and transport furniture and your other stuff from one place to another. We also offer office relocating services for companies. This often involves shipping heavy equipment and machinery, but we take this challenge head-on.

We can also offer cleaning

Cleaning the flat when you are moving can be very stressful as you already have a lot of other things to do. We can take care of cleaning the home, while you focus on other things, Like decorating your new home!

Areas where we offer our services 

Although we mainly operate with moving assistance in Oslo, we also offer our services in Viken. These are our primary areas, but we also deliver to other areas in Landet. We are happy to give you a price offer for the assignment, regardless of where you live or move to in the country. No place is too far, and no duration is too short! Contact us, and one of our friendly employees will assist you with expert guidance.

Why choosing us

Moving can be quite stressful. Not only things must be packed and transported to the car, but everything must also be carefully secured. then comes transporting it to the destination without damaging anything.
Once there, things must be taken out of the car and taken place into the new home (or the new office space). There are also often many rounds back and forth.
It doesn't stop there! The old apartment must be cleaned, so that it is prepared for new movers. Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things you can do.
Therefore, it may be worthwhile to accept help from a moving agency. We do all the work for you, while you can relax and focus on your new home.

Receive a price quote!

If you need help from a moving agency in Oslo, we have the expertise you are looking for. Get help with moving,  cleaning, and organizing at a fair price.

Contact Us today if you want a price quote. 
Moving assistance from us is always a good investment!


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